Eastbury Manor House

The Three Inch Fools at Eastbury Manor House

Eastbury Manor House is a stunning Grade I listed Elizabethan house located in Barking, and we are lucky enough to call it home whilst we rehearse our productions...


Our residency at Eastbury Manor House…

For the second year running, we are rehearsing our new productions - A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet - at Eastbury Manor House. We will spend eight weeks developing our exciting new shows as part of the Eastbury Manor House residency programme, giving artists and creative groups space to develop new work in a beautiful historical setting. Our time at Eastbury culminates with the opening night of our UK Tour 2018 - an al fresco performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the beautiful Grade I listed walled garden at Eastbury Manor House on 1 June - book tickets here.

An historic setting fit for Shakespeare...

Both Eastbury Manor House and Shakespeare came into existence at roughly the same sort of time - this magnificent building was completed in 1573, and the bard himself was born in 1564 - making Eastbury a truly unique Elizabethan setting to rehearse Shakespeare’s plays. The house was built by Clement Sisley and used as his family home, and we like to think that our rehearsals re-create the feel of a busy, bustling household - Eastbury is no longer home to Tudors, but to a motley troupe of Shakespeareans!

You can buy tickets to our performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream on 1 June here.

Each day, from 16 April to the 31 May, we can be found somewhere in the house (or garden) giving Shakespeare a musical treatment The Three Inch Fools way - just follow the various musical noises around the house and you should find us quite easily! Visitors are very welcome to pop into the rehearsal room and watch us in action - say hello to us, or perhaps even give us your theatrical advice!

You can find more information about Eastbury Manor House by visiting the National Trust website here.